MotionMagix Floor and Wall Bring Interactive Fun to Any Environment

MotionMagix Floor and Wall Bring Interactive Fun to Any Environment image: TOUCHMAGIX FACEBOOK 

MotionMagix interactive floor and wall use a powerful 3D gesture tracking platform to deliver endless possibilities for fun creative play to any indoor environment and transform it into a fun-filled interactive experience. The MotionMagix systems have an integrated 3D sensor and combine clap sensing with motion sensing to deliver a richer experience.

The interactive floor and wall offer classic games, multiplayer games, level-based games, and educational games that appeal to kids and can be used in a number of settings, including kids' play areas, malls, hospitals, kindergartens, and schools. They are easy to set up and operate, and they immerse kids in a safe, hygenic environment where they can play a variety of games for hours at a time. The games available with the MotionMagix systems include fun titles like Cake and Flies, Angry Balloons, Real Soccer Simulator, Air Invaders , Fruit Defender, Stumbling Man, and Car Race.

To see some of the games available with the MotionMagix systems, watch the video.

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