Team Building with MotionMagix Interactive Wall

Team Building with MotionMagix Interactive Wall images: TOUCHMAGIX; TOUCHMAGIX FACEBOOK 

IT services company Amdocs is using Touchmagix' MotionMagix interactive wall to engage employees in a team building exercise.

Amdocs, an India-based IT services and solutions company, decided to install the MotionMagix interactive wall designed by TouchMagix, to motivate and engage its employees in an internal team building exercise. The company opted for the interactive wall because it provides interactivity, physical activity, and entertainment, boosting employee engagement in team building activities. They asked TouchMagix to make use of their Corporate Engagement Game Pack.

Amdocs installed the MotionMagix interactive wall in their cafeterias at their offices in Delhi and Pune and used 10 games designed specifically for these events, for use in corporate environments. The games included tennis and football to test the participants' agility as well as games developed to promote teamwork and camaraderie in the workplace. The team building exercise was a success among the employees, and it drew a lot of interest and participation. The games were used to make sure that the employees had fun and were engaged in the team building activities.


The MotionMagix interactive wall uses gesture based tracking technology to give any wall the features of motion-sensing. It is designed to change displayed content based on the human body movements and gestures it detects, such as moving to the left or right, swaying hands, or jumping. It supports a single person interaction mode and also allows multiple users – up to 50 – to interact with each other on the projection area. The wall can be used in a wide range of settings, from sports centres, spas, restaurants, museums and exhibitions to gymnasiums, children's play areas, lounges and retail stores. The interface is kick started by human gestures, detected by the MagixSense motion sensor, which makes the experience of interacting with the projected display highly engaging.

To learn more about the MotionMagix interactive wall, watch the video.

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