Smaaash: First Interactive Zone in Mumbai

Smaaash: First Interactive Zone in Mumbai image: SMAAASH, FACEBOOK 

Smaaash, Mumbai's first interactive zone, offers a wide range of virtual and real games to keep visitors entertained for hours.

Smaaash is a sports-centric interactive entertainment centre spread across 70,000 square feet in the centre of Mumbai. The facility offers visitors the entire entertainment package, from food and drinks to music and fun active games for all ages.

Using advanced sports simulation technologies, Smaaash provides engaging interactive experiences that entertain visitors and let them put their skills to the challenge. Visitors can play cricket against some of the world-famous cricket players, test their bowling skills, or race the fastest car. The entertainment venue combines active and passive entertainment, with areas where visitors can eat, drink and relax, and an interactive zone with a variety of sports simulation activities and other innovative games that let people participate, have fun, and hang out with their friends.

Twilight Bowling, one of the interactive games available at the centre, was developed by TouchMagix. Twilight Bowling lets players experience bowling in an entirely new way, in a UV Lit Bowling Alley, where they can bowl in twilight at any time of day. What makes the activity even more appealing is the MotionMagix Interactive Floor, which provides spectacular visual effects as the players go about their game. To see the Bowling Alley, watch the video below.

Smaaash Cricket is one of the most popular activities at the facility. It is a 360° cricket simulator that lets players test their skills against legends of international cricket. The technology is the first of its kind and it allows players to experience the real thing, with live commentary, spectators, cheering, and perfectly timed action. The advanced simulation system uses high frame-per-second cameras to track field positions.

W.A.R. Paintball is another fun option at the Smaaash centre. Using gear based on real world military replicas of famous guns, the centre offers a top notch paintball experience, with field designs based on real war zones. These can be customised to clients' needs and player demographics. Paintball game modes include rush, conquest, team elimination, protect the VIP, capture the flag, and a variety of other options and military scenario modes.

Other fun activities at the Smaaash facility include an F1 simulator, the Laser Maze, where players must find their way in and out while escaping laser beams, the Smart Arcade, which offers more than 25 games that both children and adults can enjoy, and a soft play area called Hoopla Zone, designed for kids aged 2 to 10, who can engage in more than 30 different activities and develop gross and fine motor skills, coordination, and cognitive and social skills. The Hoopla Jungle, an animatronics jungle, is designed to provide kids with an unforgettable experience with life-like replicas of penguins, lions, and dinosaurs. Visitors can also challenge a virtual goalkeeper in a penalty shootout for a chance to win prizes.

The 9D Theatre at Smaaash is another unique experience available at the entertainment centre. Visitors can immerse themselves in 3D movies with surround sound and enjoy the 'action motion' which includes seat vibration, lasers, snow, smoke, fog, wind, rain, thunder and lightning.

Along with family entertainment, Smaaash offers corporate party packages for team bonding, celebrating success, hosting conferences, and corporate lunches.

The Smaaash entertainment centre is located in Kamala Mills, in the heart of South Mumbai.

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