Sphery’s Research-Based ExerCube Transforms Physical and Cognitive Training

Sphery’s Research-Based ExerCube Transforms Physical and Cognitive Training images: SPHERY 

ExerCube's mixed reality fitness gaming environment helps players improve their physical and cognitive skills by bringing both their body and mind into balance and experiencing the benefits of the Dual Flow.

The ExerCube is developed by Sphery, a company spin-off from the Zurich University of the Arts. The fitness tech startup Sphery combines research in the fields of sports science, psychology and game design in collaboration with internationally renowned universities and research institutions. Interdisciplinary expertise and a Dual Flow approach with a user-centric product allows Sphery to offer a unique workout experience.

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active gaming trainingactive gaming training

In Sphery’s immersive fitness game ExerCube, the players are surrounded by three walls with projection screens and a responsive haptic interface for interaction. The ExerCube consists of a powerful gaming PC, three projectors, a sound and motion tracking system. Players can also wear heart-rate sensors during fun and challenging fitness exercises. The basic concept can be upgraded to suit specific requirements. Besides the option of adding a roof cover, additional speakers and/or floor, it is also possible to choose from four different colours and three wall designs to create custom-designed walls. ExerCube comes in single-player and multiplayer game modes and invites both athletes and gamers to play games and exercise alone, together or to compete.

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active gaming trainingactive gaming training

ExerCube was primarily developed by having gyms in mind. Nevertheless, the product can also be used in other kinds of facilities such as e.g. family & fun entertainment centres where ExerCube can bring additional benefits to the visitors. Additionally, Sphery has near plans to offer new game scenarios and training concepts to present movement therapy-specific ExerCube settings.

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The Sphery Racer is the first conceptual game that offers functional training that increases players' endurance, strength and flexibility. The training concept combines upper and lower body movements and adds a layer of cognitive challenge to the fitness part. The Sphery Racer full-body workout training is suitable for users of any age and fitness level as the game adapts to individual fitness and cognitive skills.

active gaming training

active gaming trainingactive gaming training

The game-based workout provides fun and motivation to the players that are additionally being guided to individual and optimal training experiences which helps them to improve their performance. The game has a customized motion tracking system that translates the players' moves to the virtual racing track. As new gaming scenarios develop, the Sphery Racer takes players on a rapid sci-fi underwater race. The player's character has to navigate the hoverboard, speeding along the track and complete motor-cognitive challenges. Furthermore, ExerCube has a mobile app with training results and a scoreboard that lets players compare their scores with other ExerCube participants from all around the globe.

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Sphery started the ExerCube League and passed this fitness game into the eSports industry. Because of its innovative approach, Sphery won the FIBO Innovation & Trend Award for ExerCube League in 2020. It was the second FIBO award for the Swiss startup. The company conducts research on the tournament performance of eSports athletes and younger professional athletes and further works on collaborative studies with international research partners on the effects of exergaming on the body and brain fitness. These studies cover various age and activity groups from young adults, fitness-oriented people, gamers, seniors and patients.

As of recently, ExerCube is available as a franchise concept that offers a Mixed Reality Sports experience that increases engagement with global leaderboards creating an even greater competitive gamified fitness environment. To learn more about Sphery’s fitness gaming franchise concept, watch the video below.

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