Sensamove Solutions Combine Biofeedback with Games to Train Balance and Stability

Sensamove Solutions Combine Biofeedback with Games to Train Balance and Stability images: SENSAMOVE 

Sensamove offers five unique products that use biofeedback software and interactive games to improve users' coordination, balance and core stability.

Sensamove's five unique training devices use biofeedback technology and sensors to improve users' balance, core stability and coordination. With the Sensbalance Therapy Chair and Cushion, the Sensbalance MiniBoard, the Sensocorination Cervical Trainer 3D and the Sensbalance 2D Sensor, the Dutch company offers a range of effective and entertaining exercise tools that provide users and therapists with ways to measure and train functional movements.

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The Sensbalance Therapy Chair has a tilting seat and delivers a range of exercises for the pelvis and lower back. It uses sensors to track users' movements and sends the data to a connected laptop or PC. Users get visual feedback while exercising and are motivated to keep correcting their movements to see direct results on the screen. The chair has back and arm supports that are adjustable by height and width, and provides a safe training environment for seniors. It is available in two models: the Therapy Chair Basic, which offers resistance and requires more muscle power, challenging the large muscles during training, and the Therapy Chair Pro, which has very low resistance and is used to train the smaller muscles. The chairs come with the Basic Sensbalance Software, which includes 18 therapeutic games and offers measurement and recording functionality.

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The biofeedback software is also available with the Sensbalance Therapy Cushion, an air-filled cushion that uses sensors to offer visual feedback. The cushion is also designed to deliver exercises for the pelvis and lower back. It trains the user to engage the small muscles around the lumbar spine to increase the mobility in the lower back and challenges users' coordination, postural control and core stability with increasingly complex exercises.

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The Sensbalance MiniBoard offers exercise games and training software to engage users in various therapeutic tasks. It offers all the benefits of a conventional wobble board, but with the added dimension of movement measuring and visual feedback. The interactive balance board comes with a standard rubber accessory that allows tilting by 10° in all directions. Three other accessories are available that allow tilting by 15° or 20°.

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The Senscoordination Cervical Trainer 3D is an innovative solution developed to measure tilting, rotation and displacement in all three dimensions. It consists of a sensor with an adjustable headband and provides users with a tool to train other body parts; it is not limited to only sitting and standing balance exercises. The trainer can target arms, neck and shoulders and can be used to address issues such as whiplash, degenerative diseases, dystrophy and vertebral dysfunction.

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balance trainingbalance training

The Sensbalance 2D Sensor is a small sensor module that can be attached to any tilting or balance training device to get interactive feedback and full Sensamove Software functionality. Combined with the Pedalo Balance Board, the sensor provides a safe, affordable configuration that can be used to train seniors, stroke patients, and people with other diseases and conditions that affect balance or vestibular function.

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Watch the video below to see some of the exercises and games available with the Sensamove Therapy Cushion.


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