Extreme Reality Launches 3D Motion Controlled Game DanceWall Remix

Extreme Reality Launches 3D Motion Controlled Game DanceWall Remix images: EXTREME REALITY 

Extreme Reality has launched a 3D motion controlled PC game DanceWall Remix.

Extreme Reality has announced the launch of DanceWall Remix, a new interactive motion controlled dance game that uses natural gesture recognition to allow users to enjoy their favourite dance styles on their PC device without using any physical controllers. The Israel-based company was the first to introduce full-body 3D motion controlled gaming to any device using a 2D camera, and the company's latest offering doesn't require a console. Dance enthusiasts can use any PC device and a webcam, and simply move their bodies to enjoy the game.

“For the first time, any PC device owner can access and interact with Extreme Reality's newest motion controlled game, DanceWall Remix, without touching a controller or connecting to a console,“ said Sarit Firon, Extreme Reality CEO. “This new found freedom is dramatically changing the face of motion gaming. The fact that DanceWall Remix is launching on Steam, among 40 additional online game sites, is a testament to the future of 3D, full-body motion gaming.“

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DanceWall Remix is an interactive rhythm game that uses a standard 2D camera to allow players to control the movement of a silhouette appearing in the game on the screen. To earn high scores, players must match their pose to that of the in-game silhouette and transform the silhouette to avoid obstacles and fit through holes on a rapidly approaching wall. As they play, they must collect bumpers and gems to score points. The game is intuitive and accessible both to experienced players and those completely new to video games.

DanceWall Remix is divided into three themes, Disco, Classic and Retro, and each of these has a distinct look and feel. The Disco theme is reminiscent of the nightclubs of the 1970s, Classic has a playful, bubblegum-pop style feel to it, and Retro's style is inspired by the synthetic world of electronic music. Each theme has four levels of difficulty which can be played in any order, and each level has unique music, reflecting the overarching theme. Still images are captured throughout the game and displayed on the screen at the end of each level.


Extreme Reality uses patented Extreme Motion software, the only technology that can deliver software-based full-body motion analysis and control to any PC device or operating system using a standard 2D camera. Extreme Motion is offered as a software development kit (SDK) to allow developers to integrate motion control and introduce a variety of new experiences to existing games. With 21 patents granted worldwide, the technology also enables developers to create new full body motion games for PCs, tablets, Smart TVs, and similar devices without having to integrate a gaming console or a 3D depth camera.

DanceWall Remix can be played by a single player and by two players dancing together or against each other. The game requires Windows 7 or Windows 8, 2 RAM and 700MB of hard drive space. It is suitable for players of any age.

To see DanceWall Remix in action, watch the trailer, or hit the link to try it yourself.

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