Learning Through Play: TouchMagix Brings New Interactive Platform to Dubai

Learning Through Play: TouchMagix Brings New Interactive Platform to Dubai images: TOUCHMAGIX FACEBOOK 

Touchmagix has introduced a first-of-its-kind interactive gaming platform for kids to a nursery centre in Dubai. The platform, designed for learning through play, will help engage kids in a range of new activities.

TouchMagix Media, a leader in motion based technology and the first Indian manufacturer of interactive products, has teamed up with the Building Blocks Nursery & Child Enrichment Centre to introduce the Engagement Platform for kids, a first-of-its-kind interactive platform, designed to enhance early childhood development and help improve kids' motor sensory coordination. The Building Blocks centre is an early childhood learning facility located in Motor City, Dubai, the first one to reap the benefits of TouchMagix' interactive platform.

Anup Tapadia, Founder ofTouchMagix Media, said in a statement, "This was perhaps one of our most challenging projects in Dubai, as we were dealing with impressionable minds who grasp information at the click of a button. Today's parents across the globe are extremely cautious about the age and level at which their child should be exposed to the world of technology. With our TouchMagix Media activation, we have ensured that parents' worries are taken care of and [that] education becomes a more two-way, engagement-led process. The products have been created with the thought process of giving wings to a child's imagination and keeping the child's core development as the focus."

The Building Blocks centre uses the Early Years and Foundation Stage of National Curriculum (UK) program and follows OFSTED standards, and the technology behind the TouchMagix Media's interactive platform allows children to learn the Early Years program while jumping on the floor or dribbling a ball.

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Kunal Damecha, Founder of Building Blocks, explained, "Our mission is to mould young minds for holistic learning, and TouchMagix Media's solution has been in line with our pedagogical approach. With technology growing [by] leaps and bounds, we wanted to use the latest interactive platform that is engaging and entertaining, yet educational. It has given a new dimension to education that is exposing the kids today to next generation technology in an enjoyable and interactive way. We are looking forward to taking these types of methods across all of our centres to foster holistic growth for our students."

TouchMagix is best known for its two flagship products, the MotionMagix Interactive Floor and MotionMagix Interactive Wall, and also produces a number of other interactive display products and customized solutions. The Interactive Wall uses gesture tracking technology to change displayed content as the players move, jump, and sway their hands. The MagixSense motion sensor allows a single person or multiple people to interact with the wall simultaneously. The MotionMagix Interactive Floor projects an image that changes as you walk, jump, or play soccer on the interactive surface, also providing a fun experience for children and users of any age.

TouchMagix Media has a strong client base in the Middle East, United States, and the United Kingdom, and has provided users across 40 countries with a fun interactive gaming experience. The company offers world-class technology and interactive equipment that sets global standards in the field. It has worked with a number of leading brands in UAE and India and its clients include the Ministry of Civil Defence, Wrigley's, and the National Bank of Abu Dhabi. To see their interactive floor at play, watch the video.


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